War of the Whites



It’s finally here! My promised War of the Whites post. I covered all ten of my fingers in any polish I’ve ever used as a “go to white” (as well as some new, albeit tiny, faces).

Now, most of these bottles are at the halfway mark or slightly below that, so for the most part I did thin them out before applying because in my experience, white nail polish turns to the consistency of correction fluid when it gets low like that. (In fact, this is part of the reason I own so many, I don’t think to thin the bottles out so I just give up and buy a new bottle. I always switch up brands at this point too.) Also, with the exception of two (one is a pseudo “salon” brand at $8 – though I bought it at a discount store in a two pack, one is a discount store brand bought in a seven pack), my full size bottles are all drugstore brands, and the “cheap” brands, and I paid $1 for every single one, lol. This is because I go through whites so fast, I don’t want to rely on, say OPI Alpine Snow or Zoya Purity and have to shell out $8-$9 every time I need a reup.

Alright, let’s go!


Right hand, from pinky to thumb:

NYC Little Italy: 3 coats, leveled on third coat, unique because it’s more of an eggshell white than a blinding white
Color Club French Tip: Two coats, very self leveling
Sally Hansen Hard To Get: Three coats, could have used a fourth
Wet N Wild French White Creme: Two coats, could have used a third
Shades of the Season White: Two coats, very level, kind of thin though


Left hand, from thumb to pinky:

NYC French White Tip: Three coats, brush created patches/bald spots, kinda thick and goopy, forgot to thin out until third coat
Simple Pleasures White: Three coats, leveled out by third coat, strong smell
The Color Workshop White: Three coats, very thin and uneven, didn’t level very well.
Claire’s White: One coat, very self leveling, want to own in full size
Fing’rs Flirt Stamping White: Two coats, self leveling

I was surprised that the winners of this battle happened to be my two minis! I know Claire’s sells a full size white polish, but I don’t know if the formula matches the one in the mini, I’ll have to check. The mini might be a little thicker since it’s intended to be a stamping polish (this would also explain the Fing’rs one too, it’s also a “stamping polish”). As far as the full size bottles go, currently I’m reaching for the Simple Pleasures one, mostly due to it being over half full so it hasn’t hit that goopy point they all hit, even though it wasn’t the best full size white (that honor goes to the Color Club, which I’m coveting until I can fork over the $8 for another one. I could have gotten away with one coat, but I kinda nicked it as it was drying so I needed the second coat to fix that error.)

So there you have it! The War of the Whites. Which of these is your favorite? Or, if your favorite isn’t any of these, let me know which one is.

Next up is going to be the Battle of the Blacks, but I want the blacks to have a fair chance as the whites did, and I don’t own as many blacks as I do whites, so I’m waiting until I own ten of them.


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