July Haul


Before I start, I want to congratulate Sabrina, the winner of my giveaway! She has gotten back to me, so all that’s left is for me to ship the prize off.


It’s about time, right?

I don’t know why it took me *checks calendar* over two weeks to get this post up, but I was getting it up before I had to do another double haul next month.


L’Oreal Four Pack: Penthouse Pink, Tweet Me, Brownie Points, Hudson Sunset


My Beauty Spot A Little Dangerous in Red Collection: Bright Red, Light Red, Burgundy, Large Red Glitter, Small Red Glitter, Red and Gold Glitter


My Beauty Spot Catwalk Nail Caviar Manicure Collection: Dark Pink, Light Pink, Gold, Silver, Pink Caviar, Silver Caviar, Blue and Gold Caviar, Multicolored Caviar


Revlon Four Pack: Ignite, Craving Coral, Varnished, Classy

It was mostly polish last month, and that’s okay (except that I’m running out of room for my polish. Oops!


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