Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Untried Technique



I know it’s not Wednesday, but a range of complications (including me being unsure of a technique cause I’ve done so many, and The Fanboy needing the computer) caused me to get this post out a wee bit late.



As I said above, I’ve done quite a few techniques already, including many of the ones most people are intimidated by (any type of marbling, stamping, gradients, sugar spun, etc.), so I had racked my brain to out something to do.

I had narrowed it down to quilted nails, nail foils, and full nail decals. I started with the quilted nails but I think I didn’t put on enough layers because I kept digging my grooves for the quilting all the way down to my bare nail, and I did this twice with two methods of creating them (business card and string). Then, I tried the nail decals but the ones I tried (Color Club’s) kept ripping when I tried to pull them off the backing, making them completely unusable on my nail. You can tell Color Club’s development money goes to their polishes. And nail foils were out because I don’t own any.

But there was one technique that The Fanboy kept mentioning (“What about this? You haven’t done this.”) that I shrugged off because I was stubborn. But then 10:30pm Wednesday night rolled around, I had no mani, and I was desperate. So, I gave in, and did the technique he had mentioned.

That was caviar nails.

I had picked up a caviar nails kit at work last month, but I had meant to use the beads in it for quilted nails, and had no intention on using them for their advertised purpose. Well, here I am eating the words I’d used to mention those plans.

And to be quite honest, I liked the look.

I alternated between Wet N Wild Saved by the Blue (on my thumb, middle finger, and pinkie) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Golden-I (on my index and ring fingers), then used the caviar look as an accent nail on my ring finger, using the bottle of blue and gold mixed caviar beads. I really enjoy the look, but I couldn’t help but notice I had just done a manicure in my high school’s colors. Oops. (But I keep this mani in mind for the 10 Year Reunion next year. Oh God did I say that out loud?)

And now that I’ve completely bored you to absolute death with my rambling, check out what the other ladies tried for the very first time by clicking the link below:


11 thoughts on “Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Untried Technique

  1. This is one that I won’t try…I am afraid the beads are going to fall off my nails, or the kitties will chew them off when I am sleeping. They do look very cool though…pretty funny that you used your high school colors for it!

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