Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Hot



I had every intention of getting this up on time yesterday, I’ve even had the mani done and everything. However, I’ve spent my entire “weekend” off sick so I slept all of yesterday. Besides, there was an issue with the InLinkz and it wasn’t accepting links until today anyway.

After last week’s highly involved mani, I wanted something very simple this week. I was originally going to do a water marble, but thought even that was too much work for me. Then I remembered a look I had done on my nail wheel forever ago that The Fanboy pointed out looked kinda like this:



Yup, it looks like lava peeking out from under molten rock. Which is pretty hot, if I do say so myself.

For the look, I started with three coats of PE Beauty Bright Orange, then once it was dry I used Sally Hansen Ink Splatter to create the rocks. (So I’m still using crackle polish in 2013. I like it, lol.)

Also, I know there is slight tip wear, because while I did do this mani on Tuesday, I ended up not actually photographing it until today.


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