Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Cold



Do the Mish Mash! Or, something.



Since this week’s theme was “cold,” I decided to do another simple looking mani to compliment the simple mani I did for the “hot” theme two weeks ago. I originally was going to go with ice nails, but while simple, they didn’t pull off the same “just apply a couple polishes and go” look I was aiming for, so then I thought about snow.

I experienced my first snow filled winter this past year since I now live in Colorado, and snow is a thing that just doesn’t exist in Arizona, and while yes it is very, very cold, it is also very, very gorgeous to look at (when you’re not scraping it off your windshield), and watching it glisten in the sun is a sight to see. Which is why I wanted to recreate that on my nails as best as possible, in the simplest manner possible.

I had this idea of using an opalescent glitter over white, so I swatched it on a ziploc bag, and stared at it for a while. It looked good, but I needed a second opinion. And my “second opinion” involved me kinda shoving it in The Fanboy’s face and asking, “Tell me this looks like glistening snow please!” And to my pleasant surprise, he agreed! So that was my route, but I thought I could do one better, and I tried the same thing, except over a textured white instead of a creme white, again asking for The Fanboy’s opinion (I value it in such matters). And he thought it looked better over the textured white, so that’s what I went with.

And now that I’ve told you this mani’s entire life story, let’s get into the polishes I used. I started with Sally Hansen Sugar Fix, then added Wet N Wild Hallucinate to get that sparkle.


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