Super Belated Tri-Polish Spotlight: Wet N Wild Undercover


(What in the… damn blurry shot.)

So, as I was swatching up my October Tri-Polish choices, I realized I never posted this swatch! This was one of my September Tri-Polish picks. I think with the vacation and playing catch up when I got back, this was put on the back burner.

(Also, I will not be doing a Tri-Polish Spotlight post for my blue from last month, Zoya Yummy, since I swatched it during Swatch Week in July.)

Anyway, this is Wet N Wild Undercover.



Two coats plus top coat.

I used two coats out of habit, but this one you can really get away with just one if you wanted to. It’s that pigmented, and the formula is wonderful. No patchiness or streakiness. No wonder this is one of my favorite polishes.

(Also, as I learned when Googling for a completely different color and then getting distracted by reading through the blog Google led me to, this is one of the shades that was carried over when Wet N Wild overhauled the Megalast line – though my swatches look different than those, like WNW lightened this color up when they redid the line or something – as I know the newer Megalast line is a mix of repromotes and truly new shades)


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