Tri-Polish Challenge Day 29


(Sorry for the weird crop in this photo, the file for the image off my phone was completely shot and this was as much as I could salvage for editing.)

*fanfare* It’s Tri-Polish time!


Rules, yo.

Okay, so, this month’s colors are orange, green, and yellow. I knew I wanted to go with more muted, dark polishes. But I lacked a proper dark orange and dark green (that were cremes or jellies. I don’t know why, but I try to only use cremes or jellies for Tri-Polish), so I had to go out and buy some. And any excuse to buy polish is a good one (I would have purchased a darker yellow as well, but I ended up not doing so). The orange and green are ones I got on my vacation (which was part of only a 5 polish haul for September, which is why I haven’t blogged about my trip purchases yet. I’ll be doing a combined September/October haul), Beautifully Disney Celtic Fire and Beautiful Bayou. The yellow is Sally Hansen Lightning, a Dollar Tree find about two years ago.



I started with Lightning on all of my nails, then taped off diagonally and used Celtic Fire on my thumb, pointer, and pinkie, then Beautiful Bayou for the two middle fingers for a double accent nail. I then chose to mattify it.

I didn’t intentionally tape off my two middle fingers in the opposite direction of the other three, but I figured that since those were the only two I “messed up” on, and they were accent nails, that it actually worked.

Check out what the other ladies did with these colors by clicking the link below:


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