Tri-Polish Spotlight: Beautifully Disney Celtic Fire



With Tri-Polish Challenge time comes Tri-Polish Spotlight time.

Here we have Beautifully Disney Celtic Fire.



Three coats plus top coat.

Celtic Fire is a beautiful pumpkin orange jelly. Beautifully Disney is a brand I first discovered on Imperfectly Painted back in August and was impressed with the line from what I had seen (Disney? Doing a cosmetics line for grownup girls? Yes please!). I then read that the full size bottles could only be purchased at Disney Parks, and was sad for a moment before I remembered that, at the time, I was taking a vacation to California in a month and a half, the whole point of which was to hit up Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. I knew that I wasn’t going to head home without a few bottles.

I walked out with three. Celtic Fire, Beautiful Bayou (my green for Tri-Polish, you’ll see that swatch next week) and a third I’ll be swatching in the future.

Anyway, back to Celtic Fire. It starts off sheer since it’s a jelly but is very easy to build up, and the color payout is worth taking the time to build it. Kudos to whoever on Disney’s marketing team is working on this line. The nail polishes, at least, are on par with the best in the business (OPI, Zoya, Orly, etc.)


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