#LLReinvention Pink and Purple Diagonals



Hello hello!

Today’s post comes as part of an awesome challenge brought on by Sarah at Chalkboard Nails, Sammy at The Nailasaurus, Rebecca at Rebecca Likes Nails, and Leslie at Work/Play/Polish. It’s called The Lacquer Legion and it’s simple once a month challenge based on a theme, and January’s theme is “Reinvention.”

Reinvention could have been taken anyway possible, and I originally wasn’t going to do it, and was working on a similar mani to this one (I was gonna change up the colors), but I saw some posts on my feed reader about the challenge, and since I had the right colors to redo this one, I did it.


Holy cuticles, Batman! Yeah, I didn’t know much in the way of clean up back then. Also, it seems like every time I try to redo this mani, I reverse the angle on my taping. Also, non-busy backgrounds, how do they work? This was also in my “lol right hand what?” phase, where I photographed my left hand because “everyone else did”



The colors I originally used in the first mani aren’t on me right now (Shades of the Season Pink and Purple), so this time around I started with Sinful Colors Bikini and after taping off, used NYC Battery Park Purple to create the diagonals. I’m really, really pleased with the new look, even if it is super simple.

Check out other reinvented manis by browsing the TLL Facebook page, or following the #LLReinvention hashtag on various social media platforms.


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