#WeekOfLoveChallenge Candy Hearts



It’s been about a week and a half since I’ve posted, and I have no excuse but laziness. That’s okay though, I have a holiday challenge put on by Jessica of Be Happy And Buy Polish.


Today’s challenge is Candy Heart Sayings




I saw this challenge in my readings and I had to join it, especially since I had the perfect polishes for the challenge. My sister got me the Ciaté Dolls House mini collection for my birthday, and those polishes dry to that chalky matte finish (Ciaté calls it a “porcelain finish”) that makes me think of candy hearts, so I have to use them for this.

I started with two coats of YH Beja #5 (these polishes only have numbers, no names), then added a coat of top coat to make it dry faster. I then cut out hearts out of tape, and used, from thumb to pinkie, Ciaté Dollface, Sweet Pea, Poppet, Baby Doll and Paper Doll. Once they were dry, I wrote the sayings with a red Sharpie. I didn’t top coat again, cause I wanted the hearts to have the matte finish that the Ciaté polishes dry to naturally.

I like how these turned out, except that I need to work better on cutting out heart shapes, lol. The tape is small and hard to work with.

Check out what the other ladies did by clicking the image below.


9 thoughts on “#WeekOfLoveChallenge Candy Hearts

    • Thank you! Yeah, the whole “Porcelain finish” thing is just Ciaté being Ciaté (giving something basic a fancy pants name), but I didn’t expect it to be matte at first, either.

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