Twin Post: Hibiscus



I swear it seems like these twin blog posts are all I have energy for lately. This month I was paired with Gemma from My Adventures in Nail Art to do hibiscus nails (our theme was flowers). I was thrilled to get hibiscus because it’s my favorite flower. My mom still grows them at her house.



We started by going with this post by That Leanne, but we weren’t in love with her color scheme, so Gemma found this post by Pretty Project that had a color scheme closer to what we wanted. I did end up using That Leanne’s tutorial to do my nails.

I used a base of LA Girl Turntable (which turned out slightly darker than I expected. Oh well.), then used Simple Pleasures Light Pink (which turned out to be a little too sheer and gloopy to be used in nail art, but I made it work), Zoya Pippa, and NYC Greenwich Villiage. I made the accent nail my pinky because it’s too small for the flowers, but I only had half pearls and not rhinestones (my wheel doesn’t have enough round stones).

Check out Gemma’s post here, and check out everyone else at the link below:


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