Twin Post: Licorice



So, I finally got my polished set up and organized, so now that I can look at it and not want to cry because it’s all over the place, I might actually do my nails more often. But, until then, I have another Twin Post for you.

This month I was paired up with Tina at Light of the Moon Nails, and this month’s theme was candy. We were given licorice.




When I saw we were given licorice, I had no idea what we were going to do, because how do you transform licorice into nail art? So I did some research, Googled “licorice nail art,” and came up with people doing licorice allsorts nail art. Now that I could work with!

This was my inspiration image:


I started with Jordana French Manicure White on my thumb and middle fingers, Claire’s Black Hole on my index and ring fingers, and Sally Hansen Cotton Candies on my pinkie. On my thumb I used Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow (old formula), then a large dot of Black Hole. I did the same on my middle finger, but used Simply Sweet Dark Pink instead of the yellow. On my black fingers I taped off the middle of them, then used the white, after that was dry I used Sally Hansen Sun Kissed on my index, and the same pink as before on the ring finger. On all my nails but the pinkie, I first used Kiss Gloss Effect top coat to smooth everything out, then Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat to give it that candy like effect.

I’m really proud of these nails, they came out awesome. Check out Tina’s nails at her blog, and see the rest of the candy manis at the link below.


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