Stamping Plate Collection and Storage



Hello everyone! Today I have a bit of a different post for you. I now have a decent system for storing my stamping plates, so I want to show it off. Granted, I haven’t done anything particularly unique, in fact I’ll admit I saw the idea in Facebook groups/on YouTube and expanded on it.

I also don’t have that many plates yet, but I hope for that to change. I’m slowly working on building my plate collection now that I have an address to ship plates to.

And without further adieu, here we go!


I store my plates in a standard three ring binder, in baseball card holders. I saw an idea to use those Velcro coins to prevent the plates from sliding out and I thought it was genius.

While we were in Wal-Mart though, The Fanboy gave me the idea to cut the coins in half, which served multiple purposes: It allowed the coins to go farther as I got to close off 40 pockets per package instead of 20, and the coins now were able to line up flush with the edge of the pocket, so it looked cleaner. Sure thing, why the hell not! (He even sat with me and cut coins. ♥ Now that right there is love.)

First pocket houses my Salon Effects plates and most of my Fing’rs plates.


My other Fing’rs plate, my Claire’s plates, my sole Konad plate, and Hollywood Nails plates HN01 to HN04.


Hollywood Nails HN05 to HN07, Winstonia W201 to W206.


Winstonia W207 to W215


Winstonia W216 to W222.


Extra card holders for future plates.


Full size sheet protectors for larger plates.

It’s still not perfect (I need more coins for the rest of the full size holders, and I plan to pick up other sizes of holders for different plates – the ones designed for coupons hold the MoYou London and Dashica Infinity plates perfectly, I want some photo sized holders for the Dashica XL SdP/Dash plates, and I want something in there to hold my stampers and scrapers), but it’s better than keeping them all stacked. Now that my collection has about doubled, I hope to be stamping a lot more.


4 thoughts on “Stamping Plate Collection and Storage

    • That was my issue too. I couldn’t see them out in the open so I never used them (and I got bored of them… But the solution to that is to buy more plates, of course lol)

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