HPB Presents… Starry Night



Hello! It is so good to be back! There have been some things going down in my life that prevented me from blogging for *checks calendar* six months. Oh I am so sorry!

But I’m hopefully back and just as anxious as ever to continue blogging. I’ve also revived (or plan to revive) a few of my other blogs since getting out of my funk. So, here we go.



So I did return with a link up courtesy of Hobby Polish Bloggers on Facebook. This month’s theme was “Starry Night” and as soon as I saw it, I knew what I was doing.

I started with one coat of Claire’s Black Hole, then topped it with one coat of Zoya Storm, which is a black jelly filled with holo micro glitter. It is space (or a night sky) in a bottle!

Check out the other starry night skies by clicking the link below:

(Also, new signature and watermark. The font is called Pea Erika. It was fate.)


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