Tri-Polish Challenge Day 31



Two manis to go for October’s challenge. Not cool. I swear, even if this is no longer an “official” challenge, I’m gonna keep doing it into perpetuity. I have too much fun with it!

As a recap, this months colors were orange, green, and yellow and my polishes were Beautifully Disney Celtic Fire and Beautiful Bayou, and Sally Hansen Lightning.

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Super Belated Tri-Polish Spotlight: Wet N Wild Undercover


(What in the… damn blurry shot.)

So, as I was swatching up my October Tri-Polish choices, I realized I never posted this swatch! This was one of my September Tri-Polish picks. I think with the vacation and playing catch up when I got back, this was put on the back burner.

(Also, I will not be doing a Tri-Polish Spotlight post for my blue from last month, Zoya Yummy, since I swatched it during Swatch Week in July.)

Anyway, this is Wet N Wild Undercover.

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Tri-Polish Challenge Day 28



It’s still September here, I swear!

Ugh, I had this post almost ready to do the other day, and then the power cable to my laptop died and my battery is already shot, so I can’t use the laptop unless it’s plugged in. The Fanboy fixed it, but he wasn’t able to do it until last night, and then he needed it for work. But here I am, with the last post for September’s Tri-Polish Challenge.


The colors were lilac, pink, and blue, and my polishes were PE Beauty Lavender, Wet N Wild Undercover, and Zoya Yummy.

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