September (and October) Haul



Hello! Taking a quick break from my novel to put up my September and October haul post. It’s a double haul because like I’d mentioned in an earlier post, September’s haul was so small that it didn’t warrant its own post, so I decided to combine it with October’s haul.

So, here we go!

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August Haul



Here it is, and not nearly as late as it was last month!

(Also, JSYK, I only included polishes that I was purchased for use myself. So, my giveaway prizes, as well as a set I purchased as a gift for someone else, aren’t included in this haul.)

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July Haul


Before I start, I want to congratulate Sabrina, the winner of my giveaway! She has gotten back to me, so all that’s left is for me to ship the prize off.


It’s about time, right?

I don’t know why it took me *checks calendar* over two weeks to get this post up, but I was getting it up before I had to do another double haul next month.

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May (and June) Haul



Hey guys! I’ve got a huge haul post for you guys today! This is all the nail stuff I bought in May (because I forgot to do a post last month) and June, and it’s a lot. A lot more than I thought it was. Oops.

So, if you’re on a slower connection, I do apologize because this is super pic heavy.

Also, I’m going to try to get into the habit of making these monthly, so the next one isn’t quite so big. Unless I go a little crazy.

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Video Post: Total Manicure Strong Nails Kit Unboxing/First Impressions


If you can’t view the embedded video, click here.

Got a slightly different post for you tonight! Since both my computer and camera are back up and running (for the most part*), that I wanted to do a video instead of a photo post. So not much else to say, the video does all the work.

*I still don’t have Sony Vegas installed since reformatting my hard drive, so this one doesn’t have a watermark, but future videos will hopefully have one.

Stamping Plate Shopping Fun!


Products reviewed were purchased by me.


Hello again! Today I’ve got a bit of an involved post for everyone today. First it’s a product review, and second it’s my third manicure for The Nail Challenge Collaborative’s Stamping Challenge.

So, the winner of this week’s Adventures in Stamping theme (that post, as always, will be Sunday) was posted and it required that I have a French tip plate (well, the idea I have in my head does, anyway), and I remembered seeing this Stamping kit in Claire’s the last couple times I was in there, and I knew it had a French tip plate in the kit, so I begged The Fanboy and he was awesome and amazing and awesomely amazing and let me go ahead and get it so I’d be set for Sunday. And, I figured, I’d give a little bit of a review of it and then use the resulting nail art for TNCC.

As seen above, the kit contains three plates, a mini bottle of stamping polish, a stamper and a scraper. The only thing I didn’t review was the scraper, as I don’t use metal scrapers on my plates.

Warning: slightly image heavy.

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