Video Post: Total Manicure Strong Nails Kit Unboxing/First Impressions


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Got a slightly different post for you tonight! Since both my computer and camera are back up and running (for the most part*), that I wanted to do a video instead of a photo post. So not much else to say, the video does all the work.

*I still don’t have Sony Vegas installed since reformatting my hard drive, so this one doesn’t have a watermark, but future videos will hopefully have one.


Stamping Plate Shopping Fun!


Products reviewed were purchased by me.


Hello again! Today I’ve got a bit of an involved post for everyone today. First it’s a product review, and second it’s my third manicure for The Nail Challenge Collaborative’s Stamping Challenge.

So, the winner of this week’s Adventures in Stamping theme (that post, as always, will be Sunday) was posted and it required that I have a French tip plate (well, the idea I have in my head does, anyway), and I remembered seeing this Stamping kit in Claire’s the last couple times I was in there, and I knew it had a French tip plate in the kit, so I begged The Fanboy and he was awesome and amazing and awesomely amazing and let me go ahead and get it so I’d be set for Sunday. And, I figured, I’d give a little bit of a review of it and then use the resulting nail art for TNCC.

As seen above, the kit contains three plates, a mini bottle of stamping polish, a stamper and a scraper. The only thing I didn’t review was the scraper, as I don’t use metal scrapers on my plates.

Warning: slightly image heavy.

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DARE Colors Party Animal Collection Swatches and Review


*This product was given to me as a gift.

Hey everyone! Today I have swatches and a review of a new brand on the polish scene! This brand won’t be unheard of for those of you who read Adventures in Acetone, since she’s been working with the brand for quite a while (and in fact, she was the one who introduced me to the brand as well.)

DARE Colors is a brand that is sold exclusively at WalMart, and what I like about their marketing scheme is that they sell you the entire collection as a package set! The bottles are a little smaller than a standard bottle of polish (.36 fl oz/10.5 ml vs .5 fl oz/15 ml), but since they come out to roughly $2 a bottle, it’s still a pretty good deal.

First off, some things about all four colors so I don’t have to repeat myself:

  • These polishes are 5-free and cruelty free.
  • These polishes are sheer. Very sheer. I don’t think there is a way to build these to opacity, so all these swatches are over white. (Wet N Wild French White Creme for the curious.)
  • Even though they were over white, it still took two coats to cover the white completely.
  • With the exception of the pink, which was really streaky, the formula on these are really nice, and were self leveling. (I don’t know what went wrong with the pink, lol.)
  • These are in your face neons, which is what I was hoping for when I first saw them (I’ve been dying to do some nude and neon looks since I now have the perfect nude.)

Now, onto the swatches!

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DIY: Peel off Base Coat


The talk of the nail polish world is Essence’s Peel Off Base Coat. I first heard about it from a post on More Nail Polish, which led to me to further posts from Pretty Purple Polish and Lab Muffin.

It was the Lab Muffin post that intrigued me, because she noted that the base coat was essentially PVA glue and water, and even further research on PVA glue revealed something even more interesting.

What is PVA glue you might ask? Well, that was the thing that intrigued me the most. Most of you will know it as Elmer’s Glue. Yes, the same glue you used in construction paper portraits in kindergarten. Or, if you were like me, you spread it all over your hands, let it dry, and… hey, you would peel it off.

How come it took us this long to figure this out?

The most common use of this base coat is for under glitter manis. No more foil, no more scrubbing all night. None of that.

Or is that true? Click the jump to find out.

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Color Blocking and Simple Pleasures Nail Polish Review



Hi again! I’m just posting up a storm the first couple days. I’m three days in a row, yes? Anyway, I’ve come with what is my favorite mani technique (even if it drives my boyfriend crazy because it’s “not symmetrical.” Whatever.) I discovered it through eleventhgorgeous on YouTube, and they called it the “color blocking” technique.

(A rare shot of my right hand, even though I’m a lefty.)

The technique is really simple: You use two colors, and on one hand you paint your thumb, pointer, and pinkie with the first color, and your middle and ring fingers with the second color. On your other hand, you reverse the order.

I’m also here to review the polishes I used for this manicure. The brand is called Simple Pleasures, and they’re $4.99 for a set of seven polishes, so not a bad deal. I picked mine up at Burlington Coat Factory, but I’ve read you can also get them at Ross and probably even T.J.Maxx. They’re all creme polishes (something I never seem to have enough of, even though I love them), and for the price, they’re not bad. I’ve seen a couple other reviews of this brand of polish from a couple years ago complaining that the brush was crap. It seems like they’ve massively improved upon the brush because I had no issues. However, the formula is a little runny, but it’s totally opaque in two coats.

I’m hoping to keep up this trend, I’m spending August doing the 31 day nail challenge, so let’s see if I keep it up everyday:

30 day nailchallenge

If you wanna join in, do so! It’s so much more fun when you do it with another blogger or two.