The At Home Salon: Freehand Nail Art Tools


(Couple items got missed in this preview collage since I’d forgotten about them until I started tagging my post, lol. Also, my brushes are missing from the post because they’re currently in storage, and I didn’t feel like going all the way there just to grab them. Also not pictured are my water marbling supplies, but that’s a plastic cup and some water.)

Another slightly different post from me today. I’ve built up quite the collection of nail art tools and supplies, but I don’t think I’ve ever spotlighted any of them. So today I’ve decided to spotlight everything I’ve got!

This is not going to include my stamping gear, that’s going to be in another post.

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The At Home Salon: The Manicure Kit


And bonus candy cane! Woo!

This post has been a long time coming. I have been teasing it probably since I brought the blog out of hiatus, and here it finally is! (The reason for the delay was that I kept telling myself, “Oh, once I get this item to add to the kit, I’ll post.” And I finally got the last few items I was looking for.) Keep reading to see what I use to keep my hands, cuticles and nails in tip top shape.

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Black & White Challenge Day 10: Mani of My Choice



I’ve been looking forward to this mani since I decided to do the Black & White Challenge.

Simple newsprint nails today. All over a base of Sally Hansen Hard to Get.

Today is also Treatment Thursday and I have a new kind of treatment for you today.


This is my current nail polish remover. The Onyx Professional 100% Pure Acetone jar. I got it at WalMart.

What I love about this is that unlike other nail polish remover jars I’ve tried (the Sally Hansen ones), the Onyx Professional one has the remover sitting in a tub with plastic bristles, not in a sponge, so it works much better at removing polish than the sponges do. It’s also amazing at removing glitter polish, which is awesome when my POBC fails.

So, tomorrow is Household Item nails, then Saturday I start something new (not a true challenge, though.)

Abstract Challenge Day 7: Half Moons



I’ve learned from my past mistakes. My half moon experience was much better this time. I painted the first color (Shades of the Season Light Blue) last night, and let it dry overnight before adding the second color (Essie Little Brown Dress). Topped with Color Club Top Coat.


Today is also Treatment Thursday and I’m gonna talk about the Color Club Top Coat. I like that I can use it on tape based manis (tape, French tip, half moon) like I did today, because it’s a thinner top coat than most.

Tomorrow is black & white with glitter, and Saturday is ombre.

Black & White Challenge Day 3: Black With Color



Iiiiit’s Black & White Challenge day! For today I had to do a black base with color, so I did sorta modified galaxy nails.

I started with one coat of Kleancolor Black, then sponged on Shades of the Season Yellow, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed and Shades of the Season Red. Topped off With NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat.

It’s also Thursday, so that means Treatment Thursday! I decided to profile the NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat today.

What my nails look like without a top coat.

I love this top coat. It’s a close second to my Sally Hansen top coat, but way cheaper. It’s not even a dollar and it really does add shine (check out my middle and pinkie fingers, for example).

Tomorrow is V-Gaps from the Abstract Challenge (and Favorite Friday), then Saturday is White with Color. See you then!