Video Post: March Haul


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So my nails and I are not friends right now. I’ve been stress picking at my nails and cuticles and they they are pretty FUBAR right now, so I haven’t been playing with my polishes very much (and in fact the last polish haul I did wasn’t even for myself, it was for my sister’s birthday), and won’t be until I give them some much needed TLC and time to grow back out from nubbins. So in the meantime, I’ve been prettifying myself with face makeup and skincare products. Here’s a haul I did last month.


Video Post: Total Manicure Strong Nails Kit Unboxing/First Impressions


If you can’t view the embedded video, click here.

Got a slightly different post for you tonight! Since both my computer and camera are back up and running (for the most part*), that I wanted to do a video instead of a photo post. So not much else to say, the video does all the work.

*I still don’t have Sony Vegas installed since reformatting my hard drive, so this one doesn’t have a watermark, but future videos will hopefully have one.