Stash Staples: Black and White and Gold and Silver



Oh boy, I have missed you guys, and the blog, and everything! I am so so sorry for the hiatus, but it really couldn’t be helped. But now, I think I have enough Christmas gift polish to last me until I make it back home to Colorado (things didn’t progress as much as we wanted them too), so it’s time to bring the blog back in a big way.

And by big way, I mean huge. Like, a post two months in the making and what probably looks like a new section, maybe? We’ll see how my stash evolves before I decide.

But, anyway, Stash Staples. I know the concept has been done before (and maybe even called just this, but a quick Google turned up nothing), but obviously it always helps to have multiple opinions. So, in Stash Staples I’m gonna talk about polishes/colors I feel you should totally have in your stash, and what polishes I have in mine to fill that niche (and some other options of varying price points on the off chance the one in my collection is HTF). And I’m gonna start with four very basic colors: black, white, gold, and silver.

And because I like overkill, I’m not going to just discuss basics, no. I also have for you crackle polishes and textured polishes in these four colors as well, because I don’t think textured is quite on the way out, and there’s still so much you can do with crackle polishes (see the crackle gradients I’ve done here and here).

(I wanted to include some other polish types, like glitter and magnetic but I either didn’t own at least one polish in each of the chosen colors, a polish didn’t exist in one of the chosen colors – see my search for a white magnetic polish – or both. I also decided against trying to find mattes in these colors since it’s possible to turn any polish matte with a matte top coat.)

Anyway, let’s get going.

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Step into Summer Challenge: Neon



I totally meant to get this up earlier, I’m already (barely) into Tuesday. Oh well. Had more important things to do. Like laundry and cooking dinner. (And it didn’t help that I redid this look three times.)

Anyway, this is for the Step into Summer challenge and this was for the neon theme. (However, I’m not also using this as my last mani for TNCC’s neon theme, I have a more creative idea for that one.)

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MSMD Monday: Monochrome Mix ‘n’ Match



Hey guys! I’m back for another MSMD Monday post, and this time I was inspired by two lovely ladies on YouTube! I first saw a variation of this look on cutepolish’s channel, and then I saw it on Dearnatural62’s channel.

While neither look is at all similar to mine, that’s the point. The point is to do each nail in your own personal style, but the connection is in the colors: Use only black and white. So, I did.

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