Twin Post: Snake



Hello! I know I’m a day late (and probably a dollar short) but here’s my Twin Blog post for July!

Once again I was paired up with Tina at Light of the Moon Nails, and this month’s theme was animals, and we were assigned reptiles. We agreed on a panoramic snake design.

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Step into Summer Challenge: Neon



I totally meant to get this up earlier, I’m already (barely) into Tuesday. Oh well. Had more important things to do. Like laundry and cooking dinner. (And it didn’t help that I redid this look three times.)

Anyway, this is for the Step into Summer challenge and this was for the neon theme. (However, I’m not also using this as my last mani for TNCC’s neon theme, I have a more creative idea for that one.)

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Neon and Gray, An Unlikely Combo



A new month, a new challenge theme at The Nail Challenge Collaborative. This month’s theme is neon, and I decided to start with a color combo I am seeing a lot lately: neon with gray. I’ve seen a lot of items come through my line at work and it inspired me: yellow and gray tank tops, gray running shoes with pink edging and laces, etc. So, I wanted to see how that combination translated to my nails.

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DARE Colors Party Animal Collection Swatches and Review


*This product was given to me as a gift.

Hey everyone! Today I have swatches and a review of a new brand on the polish scene! This brand won’t be unheard of for those of you who read Adventures in Acetone, since she’s been working with the brand for quite a while (and in fact, she was the one who introduced me to the brand as well.)

DARE Colors is a brand that is sold exclusively at WalMart, and what I like about their marketing scheme is that they sell you the entire collection as a package set! The bottles are a little smaller than a standard bottle of polish (.36 fl oz/10.5 ml vs .5 fl oz/15 ml), but since they come out to roughly $2 a bottle, it’s still a pretty good deal.

First off, some things about all four colors so I don’t have to repeat myself:

  • These polishes are 5-free and cruelty free.
  • These polishes are sheer. Very sheer. I don’t think there is a way to build these to opacity, so all these swatches are over white. (Wet N Wild French White Creme for the curious.)
  • Even though they were over white, it still took two coats to cover the white completely.
  • With the exception of the pink, which was really streaky, the formula on these are really nice, and were self leveling. (I don’t know what went wrong with the pink, lol.)
  • These are in your face neons, which is what I was hoping for when I first saw them (I’ve been dying to do some nude and neon looks since I now have the perfect nude.)

Now, onto the swatches!

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