Double Challenge Entry!



Today is a double challenge entry post, because I couldn’t post yesterday due to computer issues. It’s my entry for Curved in the Geometric challenge, as well as my second entry for the Tri-Polish Challenge.

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Black & White Challenge Day 5: Color With Black



Ugh, phone why are you now taking blurry pictures? (My phone’s flash >> my camera’s flash so I use it.)

Anyway, today was color with some black. I originally based this design off of a jet ski in a game my boyfriend has on his phone. I started with two coats of NOPI One Time Lime, then did the stripes with Milani Black Canvas. Topped with NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat.

Like I had said, this mani was originally modeled after a jet ski in this racing game my boyfriend has. Though, after staring at it for most of the day, I realized that this also looks like something else:


It looks just like Kevin’s car from the Ben 10 series (don’t judge me, lol). And that, my readers, makes this mani even more awesome than it was before.

The only sad thing was that I suffered a break on my right index finger while wearing this today, but eh, what can you do?

Tomorrow is dotted nails from the abstract challenge, and Wednesday is color with white nails. Also coming is today’s Makeup Monday post.