Abstract Challenge Day 8: Ombre



Ugh this was so hard. At first, I wanted to do a true ombre (one color mixed with various amounts of black and white), but then it didn’t work out, and then I wanted to do a purple ombre, but none of my purples worked well, so then I ended up with this.

From thumb to pinkie I have Shades of the Season Light Blue, Zoya Yummy, LA Colors Static Electricity, LA Colors Wired, and Revlon Royal.

Sorry for the short post, but it’s getting late. Tomorrow is sponged black & white, then Monday is… well Monday also happens to be sponged nails. Oh wow. That worked out interestingly.

31 Days of Manicures Day 21: Color Inspired Nails



This one stumped me, because it’s so vague. I had no idea what I was going to do today. I mean, wasn’t the first week’s worth of nail based on colors? I’d noticed a lot of people based it on a polish name, but mine weren’t inspiring me. Then I thought about doing something I’d never done before, and inspiration struck!

I’ve always wanted to do an ombre manicure, and looking through my polishes I really only had enough different shades to do one in pink. Besides, pink was a color that hasn’t been touched on too much in this challenge.


I decided to go with a light-to-dark ombre (okay, okay. I asked my boyfriend which I should do and he suggested light-to-dark.) From thumb (left) to pinky (right), I used Wet N Wild Tickled Pink, NYC Prospect Park Pink, Simple Pleasures Light Pink, Shades of the Season Pink, and NYC Greenwich Village. All topped with, as usual, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash.

Tomorrow is nails inspired by a song. I have had this idea planned in my head for about a week and a half and I can not wait to execute it!