Twin Post: Licorice



So, I finally got my polished set up and organized, so now that I can look at it and not want to cry because it’s all over the place, I might actually do my nails more often. But, until then, I have another Twin Post for you.

This month I was paired up with Tina at Light of the Moon Nails, and this month’s theme was candy. We were given licorice.

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#GetLuckyNAC Shades of Green



I swear I didn’t mean to go almost a month in between posts, and I definitely didn’t mean to follow up my #WeekOfLoveChallenge posts (and I didn’t even finish it *sadface* I skipped the last day) with another set of challenge posts, but things have been cray cray since I made it back to Denver (I’ve been reunited with my polish and it feels so good, yo, so good.)

Anything, this one, like the last one, is being put on by Jessica of Be Happy and Buy Polish, and it’s for St. Patrick’s Day!


Today, I give you Green Skittly Goodness, with Shades of Green as today’s theme.

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Tri-Polish Challenge Day 26



A much, much belated Day 26. But I’m determined to finish. (Yay vacations! Except the whole being way super behind on blog posts because you forgot to schedule ahead of time. Oops.)

So, um, be prepared to see quite a few posts from me today while I catch up (I have two more Tri-Polish posts and a Mish Mash Challenge post, then I’ll be caught up.)

Anyway, as a reminder, the colors were lilac, pink, and blue, and I went with PE Beauty Lavender, Wet N Wild Undercover, and Zoya Yummy.

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Happy 4th of July!



So, this is what happens when you wait until your nails are worse for the wear to blog about them. I do apologize, but this was after a full shift of work and breaking two of them (they’ve now been nubbinized.)

Anyway, Happy 4th of July to all my American readers, and to everyone else, Happy Thursday! I had to work tonight, and The Fanboy’s not home, so I ate leftovers and watched YouTube. Oh and I did my nails.

I decided, after all the fancy manis I did, on a skittlette mani for today. This was mostly because I wanted something I’d easily be able to do on both hands since I wanted to actually wear it today.

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