Twin Post: Mandarin Fish



I got my computer up and running again. Thank you Fanboy ♥! Anyway, I have a nail art post for you today. I joined the Twin Blog Post group on Facebook and this month I was paired up with Marijana from Nails From Fairytale and this month’s theme was animal print. We were given tropical fish, and chose to do a mandarin fish.

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#hepicksmypolish Happy Birthday, Fanboy!



Today’s The Fanboy’s birthday! (Yay!) But he’s stuck at work. (Not yay.) So anyway, I figured as a little present to him, I’d relinquish control of my polish choices and let him pick the colors.

Well, okay, kind of.

I actually relinquished control of my polish choices to The Fanboy as part of a challenge. It started with one post, this one on The Sparkle Queen, and it kind of snowballed. It carried over to Disasterpiece Polish, and she rounded up a small bunch of us polish loving ladies and the men who love us to make it a group thing. (Though, me posting today was NOT a coincidence.)

So, okay, here’s how it works:

1. Join us on Facebook.
2. Get some guy in your life (it doesn’t have to be a significant other. It could be your son, your father, your brother, even a close friend. As long as it’s a guy, it’s all good!) to pick out 1-3 polishes from your stash.
3. No matter what he picks, no matter how much the colors clash or look guady or just don’t flow, you must do a manicure using those colors.
4. (Optional) Post pictures on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/wherever and add your blog posts (make sure to use #hepicksmypolish somewhere in the post title so we can keep them all together on Twitter) to our InLinkz collection (which will be linked at the end).

Now, without further adieu, I give you what I had been dealt.

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