#GetLuckyNAC Shades of Green



I swear I didn’t mean to go almost a month in between posts, and I definitely didn’t mean to follow up my #WeekOfLoveChallenge posts (and I didn’t even finish it *sadface* I skipped the last day) with another set of challenge posts, but things have been cray cray since I made it back to Denver (I’ve been reunited with my polish and it feels so good, yo, so good.)

Anything, this one, like the last one, is being put on by Jessica of Be Happy and Buy Polish, and it’s for St. Patrick’s Day!


Today, I give you Green Skittly Goodness, with Shades of Green as today’s theme.

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Super Belated Tri-Polish Spotlight: Wet N Wild Undercover


(What in the… damn blurry shot.)

So, as I was swatching up my October Tri-Polish choices, I realized I never posted this swatch! This was one of my September Tri-Polish picks. I think with the vacation and playing catch up when I got back, this was put on the back burner.

(Also, I will not be doing a Tri-Polish Spotlight post for my blue from last month, Zoya Yummy, since I swatched it during Swatch Week in July.)

Anyway, this is Wet N Wild Undercover.

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For Brooklyn



Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, and October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, so I did a very special mani for a very special little girl today.

I do have to make it known that this is not my story, but it is one near and dear to my heart. (I have gotten the mother’s permission to tell this story.)

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Tri-Polish Challenge Day 28



It’s still September here, I swear!

Ugh, I had this post almost ready to do the other day, and then the power cable to my laptop died and my battery is already shot, so I can’t use the laptop unless it’s plugged in. The Fanboy fixed it, but he wasn’t able to do it until last night, and then he needed it for work. But here I am, with the last post for September’s Tri-Polish Challenge.


The colors were lilac, pink, and blue, and my polishes were PE Beauty Lavender, Wet N Wild Undercover, and Zoya Yummy.

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Tri-Polish Challenge Day 26



A much, much belated Day 26. But I’m determined to finish. (Yay vacations! Except the whole being way super behind on blog posts because you forgot to schedule ahead of time. Oops.)

So, um, be prepared to see quite a few posts from me today while I catch up (I have two more Tri-Polish posts and a Mish Mash Challenge post, then I’ll be caught up.)

Anyway, as a reminder, the colors were lilac, pink, and blue, and I went with PE Beauty Lavender, Wet N Wild Undercover, and Zoya Yummy.

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