HPB Presents… Starry Night



Hello! It is so good to be back! There have been some things going down in my life that prevented me from blogging for *checks calendar* six months. Oh I am so sorry!

But I’m hopefully back and just as anxious as ever to continue blogging. I’ve also revived (or plan to revive) a few of my other blogs since getting out of my funk. So, here we go.

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Twin Post: Hibiscus



I swear it seems like these twin blog posts are all I have energy for lately. This month I was paired with Gemma from My Adventures in Nail Art to do hibiscus nails (our theme was flowers). I was thrilled to get hibiscus because it’s my favorite flower. My mom still grows them at her house.

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Tri-Polish Challenge Day 28



It’s still September here, I swear!

Ugh, I had this post almost ready to do the other day, and then the power cable to my laptop died and my battery is already shot, so I can’t use the laptop unless it’s plugged in. The Fanboy fixed it, but he wasn’t able to do it until last night, and then he needed it for work. But here I am, with the last post for September’s Tri-Polish Challenge.


The colors were lilac, pink, and blue, and my polishes were PE Beauty Lavender, Wet N Wild Undercover, and Zoya Yummy.

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Tri-Polish Challenge Day 26



A much, much belated Day 26. But I’m determined to finish. (Yay vacations! Except the whole being way super behind on blog posts because you forgot to schedule ahead of time. Oops.)

So, um, be prepared to see quite a few posts from me today while I catch up (I have two more Tri-Polish posts and a Mish Mash Challenge post, then I’ll be caught up.)

Anyway, as a reminder, the colors were lilac, pink, and blue, and I went with PE Beauty Lavender, Wet N Wild Undercover, and Zoya Yummy.

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