Black and White and Pink All Over



Today I have what you could call two swatches, but I plan to swatch the second polish over more colors so consider this a swatch and a “swatch preview” (also a NOTD).




Two coats, no top coat.

First up is the swatch portion of the entry. This is Sinful Colors Bikini, a gorgeous bright pink with just the subtlest of shimmer. Formula is fantastic, slight VNL after the first coat but that disappears with the second.




Then I decided to have a little fun with this mani and spice it up with some glitter. While I know I already own a black and white glitter like this (Claire’s Splatter Paint), I wanted one for a backup, and so I have one to use while I’m here (since I never got to use Splatter Paint before I left) so I picked up Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pixel Perfect (side note: I like the slight redesign of the Xtreme Wear labels. Pretty cool!)

So I added a coat of Pixel Perfect to Bikini for a bit of fun.

This is where the “swatch preview” comes in. I want to swatch Pixel Perfect over a variety of colors to give it a true chance.


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