War of the Whites



It’s finally here! My promised War of the Whites post. I covered all ten of my fingers in any polish I’ve ever used as a “go to white” (as well as some new, albeit tiny, faces).

Now, most of these bottles are at the halfway mark or slightly below that, so for the most part I did thin them out before applying because in my experience, white nail polish turns to the consistency of correction fluid when it gets low like that. (In fact, this is part of the reason I own so many, I don’t think to thin the bottles out so I just give up and buy a new bottle. I always switch up brands at this point too.) Also, with the exception of two (one is a pseudo “salon” brand at $8 – though I bought it at a discount store in a two pack, one is a discount store brand bought in a seven pack), my full size bottles are all drugstore brands, and the “cheap” brands, and I paid $1 for every single one, lol. This is because I go through whites so fast, I don’t want to rely on, say OPI Alpine Snow or Zoya Purity and have to shell out $8-$9 every time I need a reup.

Alright, let’s go!

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MSMD Monday: Neon Crackle



Wow, it’s been a while since I did a Monkey See, Monkey Do mani! I really should get back on that. Anyway, today’s mani is actually a double MSMD. I was inspired by Lovely in Lacquer, and she was inspired by Aborm Nail Behavior.

Today’s mani is also my second mani for The Nail Challenge Collaborative’s Neon month.

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Stamping Plate Shopping Fun!


Products reviewed were purchased by me.


Hello again! Today I’ve got a bit of an involved post for everyone today. First it’s a product review, and second it’s my third manicure for The Nail Challenge Collaborative’s Stamping Challenge.

So, the winner of this week’s Adventures in Stamping theme (that post, as always, will be Sunday) was posted and it required that I have a French tip plate (well, the idea I have in my head does, anyway), and I remembered seeing this Stamping kit in Claire’s the last couple times I was in there, and I knew it had a French tip plate in the kit, so I begged The Fanboy and he was awesome and amazing and awesomely amazing and let me go ahead and get it so I’d be set for Sunday. And, I figured, I’d give a little bit of a review of it and then use the resulting nail art for TNCC.

As seen above, the kit contains three plates, a mini bottle of stamping polish, a stamper and a scraper. The only thing I didn’t review was the scraper, as I don’t use metal scrapers on my plates.

Warning: slightly image heavy.

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