Abstract Challenge Day 7: Half Moons



I’ve learned from my past mistakes. My half moon experience was much better this time. I painted the first color (Shades of the Season Light Blue) last night, and let it dry overnight before adding the second color (Essie Little Brown Dress). Topped with Color Club Top Coat.


Today is also Treatment Thursday and I’m gonna talk about the Color Club Top Coat. I like that I can use it on tape based manis (tape, French tip, half moon) like I did today, because it’s a thinner top coat than most.

Tomorrow is black & white with glitter, and Saturday is ombre.

Stash Sunday: My Most Favorites


This is the post I wanted to do for Stash Sunday last week, but changed my mind. Here are my absolute favorite polishes.


L-R: Shades of the Season Light Blue, Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters, Wet N Wild Tickled Pink, Wet N Wild Blazed, Wet N Wild Hallucinate, Wet N Wild Undercover, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City.


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cinna-Snap, Sally Hansen Hard to Get, Sally Hansen Ink Splatter, Sinful Colors Frenzy, 10 Lacquer Moonlight, 10 Lacquer Birthday Suit, Revlon Royal


Milani Cyberspace, Nina Ultra Pro Emerald City, NYC Prospect Park Pink, NYC Sidewalkers, Essie Cocktail Bling, Anise Money to Burn, Kleancolor Espresso.

31 Days of Manicures Day 15: Delicate Nails



Finally, a slight break from the dark manis!

Okay, I had high hopes for today’s manicure. I had purchased some nail art decals that I thought would be perfect for today, but then it apparently refused to come off the mesh it was shipped with, so I had to chalk the two packages of it I had purchased as a loss and come up with something else.

Then, I was thinking of doing lace nails, but didn’t have time to get to the store to buy the lace, and I don’t have the skills to actually make lace patterns on my nails (and don’t have a stamp for lace yet).

So I was racking my brain trying to figure out what else I could do that would be considered delicate. Then, it hit me! A sheer, shimmery blouse!

So, I broke out some sheer, shimmery polishes for this look.

I started with four (yes, four. And they’re thick coats as well!) coats of Essie’s Limo-scene, which is a gorgeous nude color when it finally becomes opaque. I then added two coats of 10 Lacquer’s Birthday Suit, which is a nude shimmer with micro glitter that has the same properties as Essie’s Shine of the Times. It’s a shame that the camera didn’t pick up the shimmer of Birthday Suit, because it’s gorgeous. Topped with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Tomorrow is tribal print nails. God help me.

31 Days of Manicures Day 14: Flower Nails



I had big plans for today. I originally was going to do a dried flower manicure, but after the flowers dried the petals became transparent and the color bled right through them. So I turned back to my stamping plates and came up with this.

This is Salon Effects plate SE19 stamped with Zoya Pippa over two coats of Essie Little Brown Dress (and another check off the untried list! Woo!). Topped with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash. Hopefully there will be a break in the dark manis coming up tomorrow, if I can get it to work.

Pippa is not a good stamping polish, it doesn’t come off the stamp thick enough. (Though this prompted my boyfriend to go, “Do they make polish made just for stamping?” I was like, really? I’ve taken him to the Konad kiosk at the mall at least twice now!)

Anyway, those are my flower nails, tomorrow is delicate print. (Which, seriously? What does that even mean?)

Welcome Post! Hauls and Recent Manicures


Hello! Welcome to The Polished Fangirl. Hauls, manis, and various fun with nails.

I’ll start off with my three most recent manicures, as well as a haul from yesterday.


This was my manicure from earlier this week (Monday, I believe). Essie’s Cocktail Bling (a beautiful grey with strong purple undertones) with NYC’s Matte Me Crazy as a top coat. (I HIGHLY recommend the Matte Me Crazy if you’re looking for a matte top coat. It does a wonderful job of mattifying without being as expensive as Matte Magic or Matte About You. It’ll run you about $2 after taxes. I got mine at Target.)


Next, I had a slight haul yesterday, and I apologize for not having individual pictures of the bottles. In the back row we have Kleancolor Red Crackle, Kleancolor Black, Kleancolor Silver Glitter, Kleancolor Ocean Waves, and Kleancolor Espresso. In the front row we have Color Club Top Coat, Color Club Magnetic Force, Color Club French Tip, and Color Club Shock Rock.


Since I’ve used crackle/shatter polishes in the past, my manicure of choice was the magnetic. Seen here with the Color Club Top Coat.


And then my most recent mani (for the time being). Newspaper nails with 10 Lacquer in Moonlight as the base color, and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry as the Top Coat.