Tri-Polish Challenge Day 08



Guess what everyone! I got my computer back today, so posts are gonna be as they’re supposed to be once again!

And I also have the last look for April’s Tri-Polish Challenge. To recap, this month’s colors were orange, pink, and turquoise, and my chosen polishes were Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed, Shades of the Season Pink, and Simple Pleasures Turquoise.

Okay, so, today’s look was actually inspired by The Fanboy, who gave me part of the idea as we were driving home after picking up my computer (I was totally lost for ideas today, since I have given myself an additional challenge to attempt to use a different technique with each mani). It came about after this conversation:

Me: Oh, cool, they wrapped my computer in cling film! I really appreciate that! *lightbulb goes off in head* I’ve got it! I can do a cling film mani today with this!
FB: What’s a cling film mani?
Me: *explains the cling film mani to him*
FB: What colors are you planning?
Me: Probably the turquoise on all my nails, then do the orange over it, with maybe pink as an accent?
FB: What if you did a gradient of the blue* and the pink, then do the orange over it?
Me: OMG babe that’s a great idea! *joking gasp* You’re becoming a nail art aficionado!
FB: No, I’m becoming a “my girlfriend looking pretty” aficionado.

*By “blue,” he meant “turquoise”

(My boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen.)

But, point is, I actually did what he’d suggested.


(Ugh, cleanup. Darn gradients! So messy, and I failed to properly prepare for them!)

So, I did a side to side gradient with the turquoise and the pink (over Color Club French Tip), then did a coat of the orange and dabbed at it with pieces of cling film. I topped it with Color Club top coat to prevent smearing, then again with NYC Matte Me Crazy (cause I promised a matte mani today).

It didn’t come out the way I intended, but this was my first cling film mani, so I just need to practice.

Next month’s colors have already been announced, and my polishes have already been picked, so check back then. I have a girly girl post tomorrow, then I’m not so sure. We’ll see.


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